Apps for Autism

April 3, 2018
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Technology has really come a long way and it is amazing to see how much kids respond to these new electronics. The iPad has become so popular especially with the Autism Community and with therapists all over. With so many people getting the iPads for their children, I thought it would be useful to make a list of apps that are beneficial for children with special needs. These apps are great for communication, fine motor, and visual motor skills and are very interactive.

  • I love this app for fine motor and handwriting skills.  Use it to practice tracing your alphabet and numbers, and to develop improved pencil grasps.
  • ABA Therapy Images: This app has photos in 3 categories that will help children learn by visual stimulation.
  • Avakid: See Me Go Potty: This is an awesome app that lets you create an avatar that physically resembles your child that enables your child to play the “Go Potty” narrative. They also include tips for potty training!
  • This is an augmented communication app for functional communication.
  • Fizz Brain: This app was specifically developed for children on the autism spectrum.  Games help children practice eye contact and play creatively.
  • School Skills: This app addresses social skills in school.
  • Sparky the Shark: An interactive storybook that features a variety of emotions.
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